My extensive experience in the management of State Organizations and strong knowledge of the international healthcare environment, coupled with a track record that is highly relevant to the requirements in the field of healthcare policy and economics, planning, financing and outcomes measurement make a significant contribution to the principle objectives of any healthcare organization. 

In February 2015, I concluded my appointment as Secretary General of the Ministry of Health in Greece, with oversight of the entire health care system. Among other duties, I managed the Greek committee for the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between Greece and Troika and negotiated the health component of the 5th Programming Period of structural funds on the basis of a comprehensive strategy for the reform of the Greek health sector. 

I have built on a double experience. Firstly, in managing the national pharmaceutical sector: as Vice President and President of the Greek National Organisation for Medicines (EOF) and as member of the Management Board of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), I have developed regulation, pricing and reimbursement arrangements for Greece, addressing key industrial and pharmaceutical policy issues in the country. Secondly, in managing the health care system in Greece. As Chief Executive Officer of the 1st Regional Health Authority (Attica) in Greece, accounting for more than 35% of the total National Health System budget and activity and consisting of twenty five (25) hospital units and ten (10) regional health centers, I was able to introduce a series of significant reforms – such as the introduction of a comprehensive primary care system and reengineered practices for personnel mobility, mergers of hospital units, financial consolidation, and the introduction of new services. The position allowed me to further apply the necessary strategic management skills that meet the challenges of a modern healthcare system. 

As Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, I was faced with a series of challenges and responsibilities that covered the whole array of the National Healthcare System and coordination of government bodies including the National Health Insurance Fund, the Center of Disease Control, the National Center of Emergency Care, strategic planning, health policy, finance, management, procurement systems and human resources. Furthermore, this political position has given me the capability to manage and solve multi-faceted problems, while maintaining the right and often thin socio-political balance required. 

My daily interaction with a large number of stakeholders, from the NHS end users to the Troika (ECB-IMF-EU Commission), and from the Union Leaders to Government members, has definitely enhanced both my crisis management skills as well as my prioritization between managing the routine/daily functions and implementing longer term policies. 

I have been a Research Manager of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE), an independent non-profit organization, from 1999 to 2004, where I explored the healthcare environment focusing on the economics of the pharmaceutical sector and strengthened both my theoretical background as well as my international affiliations. Also, I have been a Research Associate of the European Observatory for Health Care Systems, a position that allowed me to strengthen my background in the organization of health systems and build the basis of my current extensive network of contacts in the European health care landscape. 

My activity in consulting is focused on health and pharmaceutical policy and regulation, health economics, new business development and management of health care organizations. My specialized graduate studies in Health Care Policy and Management, subsequently complemented by graduate business administration studies, proved to be a unique combination, much needed and well received by both the private and public sector in Greece and abroad to date. 

I am able to work effectively to secure changes that deliver business, government and societal objectives. I have managed teams and I am people oriented, collaborative and able to work in matrix organisations. I can build the vision and a strategy with ambitious goals, reconcile diverse views, build coalitions and pull everyone to deliver results.